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Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.
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Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.
No. 608 Huaming Building, Yannan Road, Futian Shenzhen Guangdong China
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Katrina Lai , Marketing Manager

Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of HGH & Peptides, high quality & low price (Email: katrina@ghormone.com Skype: somakatrina)

About Us

Ghormone Biotech Co.ltd. is a modern professional high-tech enterprise, which specialises in the research & development, manufacturing, and the international supply of recumbent proteins & peptides (both raw materials & finished product).

Our principal focus is to provide a consistently high quality product with swift trackable delivery & competitive pricing. We not only source the best raw materials, but we also manufacture & supply to the end uesrs ensuring we have full control of quality ...

New Products

Skype me :somakatrina WhatsApp:+8613729827702 Product name: ...
Myostatin Pro Peptide (ACE-031)
Skype me :somakatrina WhatsApp:+8613729827702 Product name: ...
Supply High Quality HGH,/Human Growth Hormone
Skype me :somakatrina WhatsApp:+8613729827702 Product name: HGH(Humam growth ...
Safe Delivery HCG 5000iu/Vial with Purity>98%
skype me :somakatrina WhatsApp:+8613729827702 Product name: HCG Purity: >98% ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Ghormone Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Country/Territory: China
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2004/06/16 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
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